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About Us

Phil Arms grew up in West Texas. His dynamic Christian mother raised her six children in the local church. However, Phil did not commit his life to Christ during his younger years and chose to join himself with the sub-culture of the sixties and seventies in Houston, Texas. After experiencing one dead end after another, running from the love and voice of God, he began to search for reality and gave his life to Christ on a street corner in 1972. Immediately after his conversion, he began a ministry on the streets of Houston, Texas, witnessing to those in need of Jesus. Within a short time God began to open wide the doors for Phil to minister in churches, schools and evangelistic rallies.

He was licensed to preach in a local Southern Baptist Church and commissioned as an evangelist. This inter-denominational ministry went on to create week-end rallies geared to youth for many years, adding television and radio ministries, and also numerous church revivals and area-wide campaigns where Phil always focused on preaching a Bible-centered, Christ-exalting message.

After spending fifteen years in the ministry of full-time evangelism, Phil and his wife, Suzanne, felt God strongly urging them to start a local church in the Houston area in 1986 and for fourteen years witnessed a continual, powerful move of the Spirit of God as it touched thousands of lives and homes.
Since the year 2000, Dr. Arms, has devoted much of his time to writing and speaking at Bible Conferences and in churches as well as guesting for radio programs.

Phil has co-authored several best-selling books with men such as Tim LaHaye and others. These books include Earth's Final Days, The Triumphant Return of Christ, and Piercing the Darkness.

He has also written Promise Keepers--Another Trojan Horse, Wet Flies Can't Fly, The Winner in You and Pokemon and Harry Potter--Fatal Attractions.

Phil and Suzanne have a son, two married daughters and two grandchildren.


Phil Arms Life Reach Mission Statement

For more than thirty years the single-minded focus of Phil Arms and Life Reach Ministries has been and continues to be, to point hearts toward a true relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and to disciple believers in the application of the Word of God to their lives.
We are convinced that knowing Jesus Christ as one's personal Lord and Savior and being irrevocably committed to God's Word as a compass to guide one's life is the only way to find true life and to discover a purpose for living. A life thus committed results not only in experiencing a full and exciting life on earth but guarantees an eternity in Heaven.


Fulfilling the Mission

For more than three decades Phil Arms and Life Reach Ministries has pursued an aggressive and fruitful multi-denominational approach to touch millions of lives with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Over the years the growing burden of this ministry has led to its continued growth via the development of a many-faceted national outreach. Listed here are many, but not all, of the channels for evangelism and discipleship successfully developed by Life Reach Ministries. They include:


  • Conducting city-wide and area-wide evangelistic crusades in cooperation with local churches.
    extensive nationwide television and radio ministries entitled Phil Arms Presents.
  • Publication of monthly and bi-monthly newsletters with Biblical analysis of relevant current events.
    distribution of Christian resources through media ministries, Bible study courses and prison outreaches.
  • Teaching evangelism seminars and development of street ministries.
  • Development of a Christian School for Kindergarten through High School.
  • The authoring and co-authoring of seven nationally distributed books.
  • Sponsorship of weekend rallies featuring Christian music and messages by Phil Arms.
  • Personal appearances by Phil Arms on nationally known radio and television programs.
  • The organization and conducting by Phil Arms of forty Biblical education tours of Israel, the Middle East and parts of Europe.
  • Speaking and teaching at two national pastor's seminars in the Nation of Belize.
  • Being the guest speaker at various other ministries and churches across the Nation sponsoring revivals, Bible and Prophecy Conferences.
  • Providing free Christian literature, videos and cassettes of Christian resources to prisoners, the disenfranchised and the elderly.
  • Providing marriage and family counseling services.
  • Making guest appearances as a speaker for schools and colleges.
  • Sponsoring and conducting youth camps and retreats as well as men's, women's and couple's retreats for intensive instruction for Christian living.
  • Being the guest on hundreds of radio and television programs across the USA who were featuring books by Phil Arms.
  • Founding and pastoring a local church in Houston, Texas.



Current Ministry Activities

Listed here are various facets of Life Reach Ministries that are currently the focus of this outreach. These ministry activities include but are not limited to:


  • Continuing to be a guest on various radio and television programs.
  • Continuing to produce, promote and distribute Phil Arms' Christian resources, books, videos, DVDs, and CDs of Phil Arms' messages.
  • Production of Phil Arms Ministries monthly publication, with articles by Phil Arms, prophecy updates and making available resources through print and through this site.
  • Continuing to accept invitations to preach and teach at Bible/Prophecy Conferences, evangelistic campaigns and seminars in USA.
  • Development of an on-line bookstore, making available hundreds of Phil Arms Ministries books, CDs, DVDs and videos, along with other outstanding, nationally known Christian writers and speakers.
  • Continuing of daily evangelistic ministry and product distribution, including Gospel tracts and Christian resource material.


If you would like information on having Phil Arms speak for your event, please contact us.

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